Terms and conditions of use

A1. Definitions

1. Some of the words you’ll see have very specific meanings, so check out the “CzechitasDAHackathon-dictionary” at the end of these Terms.

A2. About these terms

1. When you complete your Booking, you accept these Terms and any other ones that you’re provided with during the booking process.

2. If anything in these Terms is (or becomes) invalid or unenforceable:

  • it will still be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law
  • you will still be bound by everything else in the Terms.

3. These Terms are laid out like this:

  • Section A: General terms for all types of Travel Experiences.
  • Sections B to F: Specific terms for just one type of Travel Experience:
    • Section B: Accommodations
    • Section C: Attractions
    • Section D: Car rentals
    • Section E: Flights
    • Section F: Private and public transportation
  • If there’s any discrepancy between general and specific terms, the specific terms will apply.

4. The English version of these Terms is the original. If there’s any dispute about the Terms or any discrepancy between the Terms in English and another language, the Terms as they appear in English will apply. (You can change the language at the top of this page.)

A3. About Booking.com

1. When you book an accommodation, flight, or attraction, Booking.com B.V. provides and is responsible for the Platform, but not the Travel Experience itself (see A4.4 below).

2. When you book a rental car or private or public transportation, Booking.com Transport Limited provides and is responsible for the Platform, but not the Travel Experience itself (see A4.4 below).

3. We work with companies that provide local support services (e.g. Customer Support or account management). They don’t:

  • control or manage our Platform
  • have their own Platform
  • have any legal or contractual relationship with you
  • provide Travel Experiences
  • represent us, enter into contracts, or accept legal documents in our name
  • operate as our “process or service agents.”

A4. Our Platform

1. We take reasonable care in providing our Platform, but we can’t guarantee that everything on it is accurate (we get information from the Service Providers). To the extent permitted by law, we can’t be held responsible for any errors, any interruptions, or any missing bits of information, though we will do everything we can to correct/fix them as soon as we can.

2. Our Platform is not a recommendation or endorsement of any Service Provider or its products, services, facilities, vehicles, etc.

3. We’re not a party to the terms between you and the Service Provider. The Service Provider is solely responsible for the Travel Experience.

4. To make a Booking, you may need to create an Account. Make sure all your info (including payment and contact details) is correct and up to date, or you might not be able to access your Travel Experience(s). You’re responsible for anything that happens with your Account, so don’t let anyone else use it and keep your username and password secret.

5. We’ll show you the offers that are available to you, in (what we think is) the right language for you. You can change to another language whenever you like.

6. Unless otherwise indicated, you need to be at least 16 to use the Platform.

A5. Our values

1. You will:

  • abide by Our values
  • comply with all applicable laws
  • cooperate with any anti-fraud/anti-money laundering checks we need to carry out
  • not use the Platform to cause a nuisance or make fake Bookings
  • use the Travel Experience and/or Platform for their intended purpose
  • not cause any nuisance or damage, and not behave inappropriately to the Service Provider’s personnel (or anyone else, for that matter).

A6. Prices

1. When you make a Booking, you agree to pay the cost of the Travel Experience, including any taxes and charges that may apply.

2. Some of the prices you see may have been rounded to the nearest whole number. The price you pay will be based on the original, “non-rounded” price (although the actual difference will be tiny anyway).

3. Obvious errors and misprints are not binding. For example, if you book a premium car or a night in a luxury suite that was mistakenly offered for $1, we may simply cancel that Booking and refund anything you’ve paid.

4. A crossed-out price indicates the price of a like-for-like Booking without the price reduction applied (“like-for-like” means same dates, same policies, same quality of accommodation/vehicle/class of travel, etc.).

A7. Payment

1. For some products/services, the Service Provider will require an Upfront Payment and/or a payment taken during your Travel Experience.

  • If we organize your payment, we (or in some cases our affiliate in the country your payment originates from) will be responsible for managing your payment and ensuring the completion of your transaction with our Service Provider. In this case, your payment constitutes final settlement of the “due and payable” price.
  • If the Service Provider charges you, this will usually be in person at the start of your Travel Experience, but it could also be (for example) that your credit card is charged when you book, or that you pay when you check out of your Accommodation. This depends on the Upfront Payment policy of the Service Provider as communicated to you in the booking process.

2. If the Service Provider requires an Upfront Payment, it may be taken or pre-authorized when you make your Booking, and it may be non-refundable. Before you book, check the Service Provider’s Upfront Payments policy (available during the booking process), which we don’t influence and aren’t responsible for.

3. If you know of or suspect any fraud or unauthorized use of your Payment Method, contact your payment provider, who may cover any resulting charges, possibly for a fee.

4. If the currency selected on the Platform isn't the same as the Service Provider's currency, we may:

  • show prices in your own currency
  • offer you the Pay In Your Own Currency option.

You’ll see our Currency Conversion Rate during check-out, in the Booking details of your Account, or (if you don’t have an Account) in the email we send you. If we charge you fees in connection with any such services, you’ll find the fee expressed as a percentage over European Central Bank rates. Your card issuer may charge you a foreign transaction fee.

5. We’ll store your Payment Method details for future transactions after collecting your consent.