A9. Privacy and cookies

1. If you book an accommodation, flight, or attraction, read our Privacy and Cookie Notice for more info on privacy, cookies, and how we might contact you and process personal data

2. If you book ground transport, read the Privacy Privacy Statement, or Privacy Statement to find out how we process your personal data.

A10. Accessibility requests

1. If you have any accessibility requests:

  • about our Platform and/or services, contact our Customer Service team
  • about your Travel Experience (wheelchair access, walk-in baths, etc.), contact your Service Provider or the airport, train station, etc.

A11. Insurance

1. If you bought insurance through our Platform, refer to the policy document(s) for the terms and for further info. These Terms do not apply to insurance.

A12. Genius

1. The Genius rate is a discounted rate offered by participating Service Providers for certain products/services.

2. Genius rates are for members of the Genius program. There are no membership fees, and it’s easy to become a member – just create an Account. Membership and rates are non-transferable. Membership is linked to a specific Account. Membership can also be linked to specific campaigns or incentives.

3. There are different “Genius Levels” based on how many Accommodation Bookings you’ve made in a given period. Each level provides different travel rewards.

4. We may change any feature of the Genius program, including the membership levels and the way the program is structured.

A13. Rewards, Credits, & Wallet

1. We may issue Rewards to you—at our sole discretion and subject to—(a) the terms here in A13 and (b) any Individual Reward Criteria that apply. If we make a clerical error (i) in calculating your Rewards or (ii) in converting currencies related to your Rewards, we can always change or correct any balances shown.

2. How to get Rewards. You might, for example, get a Reward by booking at a participating hotel or by making a certain number of Bookings in a given time period. When a Reward is available, we’ll explain what the specific conditions are and how to use it.

3. Where to find your Rewards. Once you’ve received one or more Rewards, you’ll find a “Rewards and Wallet” link in your Account menu. Under the “Rewards” tab, you’ll see all the Rewards you’ve earned, what actions (if any) still need to be taken to obtain the Reward(s), and any other terms and conditions.

4. Types of Rewards. Rewards give you (a) Credits in your Wallet or (b) something different (e.g. a Credit Card Cashback or a coupon). We’ll explain each Reward at the appropriate time.

5. How to get Credits. Credits are usually issued as a result of getting a Reward. But we may issue Credits for other reasons, for example, if your Travel Experience didn’t live up to our usual high standards.

6. Where to find your Credits. Once you’ve received some Credits, you’ll find a “Rewards and Wallet” link in your Account menu. Under the “Wallet” tab, you’ll see your total Credits balance (split into Travel Credits and Cash Credits if you have both kinds). You’ll see when Credits were received or spent, and when they’ll expire. If you have Cash Credits, you’ll also see a link to cash them out.

7. Types of Credits. Travel Credits can only be spent on certain Travel Experiences. We’ll show you which Travel Experiences you can pay for with Travel Credits (which specific accommodations, attractions, car rentals, etc.). Cash Credits can be cashed out to your Payment Method (click “Withdraw Cash Credit”), or spent on any Travel Experience that you can pay for with Travel Credits.


8. To receive any type of Rewards, you must, when qualifying for and using the Credits:

  • have an Account with us
  • be at least 18 years old
  • meet the Individual Reward Criteria
  • not violate the Rewards & Wallet Terms, and
  • have a valid credit card to qualify for Credit Card Cashback Rewards.

9. When a Reward is available, the Individual Reward Criteria will explain how (and if) you qualify for it. There may be:

  • time-sensitive restrictions (e.g. offers with expiration dates)
  • platform restrictions (e.g. promotional codes that can only be used in our app)
  • property restrictions (e.g. offers that can only be used with specific Service Providers)
  • a minimum spend (e.g. a Reward that you’ll only earn when you spend at least a certain amount on a Booking)
  • a maximum Reward value (for either monetary or non-monetary Rewards).

10. Rewards can’t be sold, encumbered, or transferred in any way to a third party. In the event of an Account holder’s death, their Account will be closed and their Rewards (if any) will be canceled.


11. You can put either Cash Credits or Travel Credits toward the cost of an eligible Travel Experience on a participating Platform (e.g. or a Group Company website).

12. If that Travel Experience costs less than you have in Credits, your unused Credits will remain available in your Wallet.

13. If that Travel Experience costs more than you have in Credits, you must make up the rest of the cost in time, using another accepted Payment Method, or your purchase will be canceled and your Credits returned to your Wallet.

14. If you have various Credits with more than one expiration date, the Credits with the earliest expiration date will be used first.

15. If you cancel a Travel Experience that you’ve paid for (in part or in full) with Credits, the Service Provider’s cancellation policy will determine whether or not your money and/or Credits are refunded. Our Customer Service team will be able to refund any Credits that you may be entitled to.

16. You can cash out Cash Credits (but not Travel Credits) to a Payment Method.

17. Your Wallet’s default currency is determined by your location, residency, or another currency we may elect. If you get any Credits or Credit Card Cashbacks in another currency, we’ll convert them to your default currency, or another currency we may elect, using our Currency Conversion Rate.

18. If a Reward was issued because you booked a Travel Experience, any associated Credits that haven’t been used will be deleted from your Wallet if that Travel Experience is canceled.

19. We reserve the right to cancel any Reward that was obtained by fraud.

20. If you didn’t receive a Reward that you should have, contact our Customer Service team no more than 12 months after you did what you believe qualified you for it. Please provide any supporting documentation you have. If you don’t do this within 12 months, you won’t be able to claim the Reward.

21. All Credits have an expiration date, which you’ll find in the “Credits” section of your Wallet.


22. All data, including personal data, will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy and applicable data protection laws and regulations. It will be shared with Group Companies or Service Providers as required by the Wallet program. Lost, stolen, or expired Rewards will not be replaced.

23. Your obligations:

  • You’re responsible for making sure that all information is (and stays) correct, complete, and up to date
  • If we ask you for proof of ID, please provide it within 30 days
  • You’re responsible for keeping your Wallet sign-in details safe and secure.

24. If you don’t adhere to the rules in this section, we may automatically suspend or cancel your Wallet.

25. You may not use your Wallet or Rewards in any way that is misleading, unfair, or harmful.

26. We may set off/settle any or all of your Credits against any claim we (or a Group Company) have against you. We may do this at any time, and without advance notice.

27. We may change, suspend, or end any aspect of the Wallet, Rewards, and Credits. In particular, we might change:

  • these Rewards & Wallet terms
  • which users we allow to have a Wallet
  • which Rewards or Credits we provide
  • the expiration dates of any Rewards or Credits
  • any Individual Reward Criteria.

28. We’ll make reasonable efforts to give you prior notice if we make any changes or stop providing Wallets altogether.

29. If we stop providing Wallets, all Credits and Rewards that haven’t expired will be valid for another 12 months.

A14. Intellectual property rights

1. Unless otherwise stated, all rights in our Platform (technology, content, trademarks, look and feel, etc.) are owned by (or its licensors), and by using our Platform, you agree to do so for its intended purpose only and to respect the conditions set out below in paragraphs A14.2 and A14.3.

2. You’re not allowed to monitor, copy, scrape/crawl, download, reproduce, or otherwise use anything on our Platform for any commercial purpose without written permission of or its licensors.

3. We keep a close eye on every visit to our Platform, and we’ll block anyone (and any automated system) we suspect of:

  • conducting an unreasonable amount of searches
  • using any device or software to gather prices or other information
  • doing anything that places undue stress on our Platform.

4. By uploading any picture to our Platform (e.g. for a review), you’re confirming that it complies with our criteria and that:

  • it’s truthful (e.g. you haven’t altered the picture or uploaded one of a different property)
  • it doesn’t contain any viruses
  • you’re allowed to share it with us
  • we’re allowed to use it on our platform and in relation to further commercial purposes (including in a promotional context), everywhere, forever. (If you let us know we can no longer use it, we’ll consider any such reasonable request)
  • it doesn’t infringe the privacy rights of other people
  • you accept full responsibility for any legal claims against related to it.

5. Just to be clear, we’re not responsible or liable for any picture uploaded to our Platform, and we’re allowed to remove any picture at our discretion (e.g. if a picture does not meet the above criteria).